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Simple Wills

Are you one of the estimated fifty percent of American adults who does not have a Last Will and Testament?  Everyone, whether they have significant assets or not, needs to have a will.  Otherwise, you will die "intestate," which simply means that the state of Tennessee will decide who receives your assets.

Tennessee Probate

If a loved one or friend has recently died and you are the Personal Representative of the estate (sometimes called the “Executor” or “Executrix”) you have a significant job to perform. An attorney can assist with the probate process. Please call us for an appointment if you would like to discuss possible representation.

Once you have ascertained if your loved one left a “Last Will and Testament,” you will need to determine your next steps. If there is no will, the person will be deemed to have died “intestate.” If the decedent left property and money to be distributed to his or her heirs, someone will have to step forward to open an estate.

If the decedent left a will, there are a number of steps to take to ensure a proper handling of the property and money left behind. These involve getting a release from Tenncare, a release from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, filing the last tax return and other steps to process the estate. Also, there is a specific process available for estates that qualify as “small.” A small estate can use a simplified probate process in Tennessee.

While it is possible to handle probate without legal counsel, you may find the many requirements of the process difficult and time-consuming. In Knox county, you will need to work through the Probate Court in the City-County building downtown. A knowledge Tennessee lawyer will know how the probate process works and can save you headaches. Call us today and we can assist you with this challenging responsibility.


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Our will packages include:

  •  Last Will and Testament
  •  Living Will
  •  Durable Power of Attorney For Healthcare
  •  HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form

Make sure you have taken the proper legal steps and have left sufficient information so that your family is not subject to unpleasant and unneeded surprise when you pass.