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If You Have Been Offered A Severance Package

Employers sometimes offer a severance package to an employee as part of a discharge or lay-off from a job. If you are lucky enough to be offered a severance package, be gracious but don’t sign it on the spot. Do not accept a severance package without first obtaining a review by a neutral employment lawyer you have paid yourself. Not only can an attorney help you negotiate the monetary aspect of any settlement, but she can help you navigate the tricky waters of existing non-compete provisions, confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses, repayment of student loans, moving expenses or training expenses, and any type of liquidated damages clauses the employer may try to include in a settlement.  This firm has often negotiated an enhanced severance package for an employee, sometimes even doubling the initial offer. 

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If You Have Not Been Offered A Severance Package But Believe You Have Claims

If you have not been offered a severance package but believe that you have possible legal claims against the company, consult an attorney to craft an offer satisfactory to you and which will enable you to move on, yet be realistic and reasonable enough to appeal to the company. 

You can, of course, try to negotiate a severance package yourself, in exchange for a release of all of your claims against the company.  I would not recommend you do this for the simple reason that you may not have a lawyer, but the company surely does. It is not fair to yourself to bargain against a seasoned negotiator who may routinely draft and negotiate severance agreements.

Also, think of the reason for actors and professional athletes to have agents. Why do they pay a percentage of their earnings to hire someone to bargain for them? Because it is embarrassing and emotionally uncomfortable to tout your own strengths and value or to fight for fair compensation on your own behalf. There are times to step back and let someone else fight your battles.

An Experienced Negotiator Can Add Value

An experienced negotiator can add tremendous value to your agreement.  Items to consider in negotiating are extended health-insurance coverage, whether a lump-sum payment or extended payroll payments are best, use of the company office to job-search, out-placement services, extended use of a company vehicle for time to purchase a private vehicle, and references.  Young Law Office, P.C. has negotiated dozens of severance agreements and can guide you as to the best solution for your situation.

If Your Employer Wants You to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement

One of the myths of the work-place is that a non-compete agreement is worthless and will not be enforced by Tennessee courts.  While non-compete agreements are not encouraged by Tennessee courts, they certainly will be enforced if legally sound and reasonable.  The court will ask:

  • Does the business have a legitimate business interest to be protected?
  • Is the time limitation reasonable under the facts of the case?
  • Is the territorial limitation reasonable under the facts of the case?
  • Is it reasonable given the economic hardship to the employee and given other specific factors?

An attorney who is knowledgeable about recent case law and has met with you to discuss the specific facts of your case can help you decide if you should sign such an agreement.  Don’t blindly sign away your rights and give yourself an unpleasant shock if the employment arrangement ends.

If You Signed A Non-Compete Agreement & Your Employment is Ending

Many employees who signed a stack of papers on the first day of a new job find out years later that a non-compete agreement was one of those papers.  Employees are often shocked to find out that the non-compete is operative whether they were fired or they quit.  Finding out you are fired is bad news, but finding out that you cannot work in your chosen field for two years unless you move 50 miles away is even worse. 

Call us if you have a non-compete agreement that you would like to have reviewed.  You need to know the strength of the agreement, what you are allowed to do, and what is prohibited. Don’t wait to get sued for violation of the agreement because stating that you did not understand your responsibilities is not a valid defense.

Take Action

Whether you already ready signed a non-compete or have been asked to do so, take action today.   Call Young Law Office, P.C. today at (865) 474-1284 to discuss your East Tennessee severance package or non-compete agreement.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website does not constitute legal advice.  It is general information only and will not apply to every situation.  No attorney-client relationship exists between you and Young Law Office, P.C. until an in-person meeting has occurred and a representation agreement has signed by both parties.  Please be aware that the firm accepts cases in the East Tennessee area only.