Worried That Your Job May Be Ending Soon?

Read my new book, “Getting Fired: Prevent or Survive One of Life’s Top Stressors” to learn the signs of impending termination and how to make an action plan.  This 74 page, easy-to-read book explains in everyday language how to honestly evaluate your situation.  I have met with or spoken to thousands of employees who have just been fired over the past twenty years.  My years of listening allow me to summarize and list the signs of danger to share with employees who are in fear of losing a job.  My years of fighting for wrongfully terminated employees in court allow me to help you make a plan before the termination happens to give you the best shot at recovery. 

“Getting Fired” spells out the warning signs of an coming termination and gives practical advice to help you navigate a bad situation.  It includes:

  • Quizzes and reader self-evaluation to allow you to determine if you may be in jeopardy of a firing and if so, how to prepare.  
  • Scenarios of real-life composite clients to show you typical situations that will tip you off that trouble is on the way. 
  • Strategy and Tactics to guide you to make important strategic decisions now so you land on your feet if a firing occurs. I offer real-life tactics ranging from how to arrange your office space to be ready for a firing to the steps you can take to become eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. 
  • Guidance to consult with an attorney, document discriminatory or retaliatory treatment, negotiate severance packages, and leave the job with dignity.  “Getting Fired” will help you plan and prevail over a tough situation that all too many Americans have experienced in the past decade. 


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Buy this easy-to-read guide full of examples, strategy and tactics that will allow you to prevent or survive a firing for only $3.99. Purchase at Smashwords by clicking this link:       ​​https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/591753